Carpentry is a profession just like any other and it requires skills to even perform the easiest task such as measuring. The good thing is that you can be a self taught carpenter in your house. We realized that by coming up with a carpentry or a Do-It-Yourself website, we shall provide the required tips that one can get by just reading through. In this site, we have compiled lots of useful tips, the tricks and trade secrets that will make you a professional DIY carpenter. We realized that in most homes, furniture break and as a result, one spends a lot of money hiring a professional carpenter instead of fixing that simple repair. By building this site, we had the vision of equipping home or office owners with basic carpentry skills.

Did you know that pencil is one of the most important tools of a carpenter? In our research, we realized that measuring and marking are very important steps in carpentry. A carpentry DIY website provides you with first hand information that would otherwise cost you a lot of time and money. Also, this website has tutorials on how to make some simple furniture at home such as chopping boards, shelves etc. Therefore, we wanted to give the basic tips that even real carpenters might not bother to give beginners.