Everyone has at least one favorite item that seems impossible to part with. Doctors can’t survive without having an office, lawyers can’t earn money without clients, and people can’t live with inconveniences. Nevertheless, mechanics, plumbers, and carpenters cannot live without their specialize tools. When ordinary people are asked what five tools they can’t live without if all the tools on earth were disappearing, here is my answer.

If all the tools on earth were disappearing and I could only save five, these are the five tools I would save; a laptop, a hammer, lawnmower, a hoe, and a shovel. Survival is vital, whether a person lives alone, or within a group. Having your own tools means you can work and earn money, or loan your tools out and still earn a living.



A laptop will help keep me abreast of all the world’s latest news. It will also help me to learn how to cultivate the land. With some many chemicals being added to plants, and antibiotics to meat, I would protect my overall health, and go with natural foods. My laptop would take me inside gardening websites, so I can learn how to grow and prepare my own foods.



A hammer is good for building and for tearing down. I can work for people who need a fence, dog house, patio, or some other type of portable building. I can do construction work with requires the worker to bring his or her own tool.



Grass still needs to cut trimmed, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. No one pays you to cut your own grass, but people will pay you to cut their grass. A riding lawnmower is great, but an old fashioned manual mower is better because it uses no gas.



Gardening requires a hoe. Therefore, it is essential that I keep a garden hoe, so I can plant, reap, and tend to my garden. The vegetables I grow I can eat and sell. It is important to me to maintain a quality of living. All I can’t eat or sell, I can trade for other tools I might need because everyone is not going to save the same five tools.



Hand digging is out. Holes are deeper, and wider when you use a shovel. This is one tool that gardeners, builders and construction workers cannot live without. When a machine breaks down, and there are no other digging machines around, a shovel is the next best tool to use.

Why choose these specific tools?

One item from the present, which is the laptop, keeps me informed of natural disasters, changes in healthcare, laws and other vital information I need to know. The other items run off human energy and not gas or electricity which the prices constantly goes up and down. These tools are well- built, lasts a long- time, and will continue to be part of our future. The fact that these tools can be used over and over again without incurring any charges to the owner is amazing.

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