How to build yourself a workbench is a good starting point especially if you want to have self reliance skills. Practical work surface is vital compared to most of the tools that you are going to use because it helps in making work easy. When you use these DIY workbench plans you will make a bench that is heavy, simple and will last for a long time. In any shop a workbench is a vital tool. Here are some of the steps that you have to follow:


Determine dimensions of the workbench

To know the dimensions of the workbench, measure width and length of working space then write down all the measurements.

Look for a good quality bench top

Butcher block style tops are expensive therefore it is prudent that you choose wooden sheets especially if they are industrial bench tops. You can also use few pieces of plywood and stack them on each other. If you want an affordable bench top check local listings or ask around at any rebuilding center. But the most vital thing to consider is that the bench must be sturdy and flat.

Cut four legs

Length of every leg must be desired height of bench minus thickness of the top. If the top of the workbench must be flush each brace must be equal to the width of the bench. If you want the frame to jut slightly from underneath the bench which is vital because you can use it to store clamps, cut the brace and it should be the same length with the width of the bench.


Bolt every top leg brace

Ensure that you drill holes at diagonal from each other so that you can be able to put a third bolt in the space. Then close them and hold them in the right place using nuts tighten them using a wrench. After finishing the end of the bolts must stick out. Do this on the other leg that is remaining.

Cut the supports and bolt them in the right place

The two supports must be the same length to the bench top. Put the leg pairs down with top braces facing outwards so that distance from the outside left edge can be equal to the length of the top support. Put one top support across leg pairs so that it will line up with top braces. Pre- dill the hole through top support and ensure that you are going to drill between the bolts. Flip the structure several times on the side. When you finish the four legs must be surrounded with a frame on top.

Attach workbench top

Lay the pieces in the right place and pre dill hole downwards. Screw coach bolts in the right place. In case you have a thick top bench bolt from the bottom this is going to help to keep the bench smooth and will be bolt free. You can do this if only the top of the bench is thick. You can also attach a low shelf if you want. Measure dimension between the legs then cut shelf to the right size of your materials and screw into the right place.

Before you build a workbench, it is important that you ask yourself a few questions. How long should be the workbench be? How tall should it be? How wide should be the bench? The answers depend on the person who is going to be using it and for what. You can build either a small or large bench but this will depend on your space.

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