• How do you build a birdhouse?

A birdhouse is a relatively simple project to undertake. You simply need to purchase some good quality lumber, nails, a dowel, wood glue and paint. The tools you will require are a measuring tape, hammer, framing square, saw, paint brush, drill and clamps. Measure and cut the front and back of the birdhouse, and then measure and cut the remaining sides and roof. Make sure that you measure the roof so that it overhangs the sides of the house. The next step is to drill out the hole for the birds to use as an entrance. Use glue to assemble the body of the house without the roof and then nail in place. Once this is done, assemble the roof but do not attach it to the house. Drill a hole an inch under the entrance and insert the piece of dowel for the birds to stand on. Paint the house once the glue is dry in a color of your choice and then fix on the roof with glue and nails. Add two hooks to the back and hang your finished birdhouse in your garden.



  • What is the proper way to put shingles on my doghouse roof?

Fixing shingles properly to your doghouse roof will weatherproof it correctly as well as improving its appearance. Take accurate measurements of the roof to enable you to get the correct amount of shingles. Install roofing felt to improve weatherproofing and fix with a staple gun. Install the first row of shingles along the roof’s bottom edge upside down and fix with short roofing nails, then add a row the correct way up directly on top. Repeat on one side of the doghouse and then on the other until the whole roof is complete.

  • How many people does it take to frame a house?

It is possible to complete the work of framing a house on your own if you want to save on costs and if time is not an object, however employing the help of at least one and preferably two people will save a lot of time and complete the project a lot more quickly.


  • How do I build a small toy box?

You will need four rectangular and two square pieces of MDF or plywood, two lid stays, 4 castors if you choose to use them, as well as screws, hinges and a handle. Assemble the base and two sides with three of the rectangular pieces and drill and screw together. Assemble the square shaped end pieces, drill and screw. You can use wood glue to hold the pieces in place to make drilling and screwing easier. Fit the hinges to the back and sides of the box and to the piece that will be the lid. Make sure to measure and mark correctly to ensure correct placement. Add castors to the base if you are using them and handle to the lid, and then decorate the box ready for use.


  • What tools are needed for building kitchen cabinets?

To build your own kitchen cabinets, you will require the following tools: A tape measure, table saw, drill, pocket hole jig, spirit level, drill bits, utility knife and hammer.